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Aleksi Kantola

Development engineer +358 50 4710929

Aleksi approaches logistics from the point of view of operational management. Years of extensive experience, from executive level to business management, has given me extensive knowledge of various front-line jobs, operating models and tools. In addition to versatile day-to-day management experience, Aleksi’s toolkit includes several years of experience in quality standards (ISO 9001 and 14001) as well as internal logistics outsourcing, takeover and development functions as a development manager. As a person with the qualification of a rational work researcher approved by the labor market organizations (EK, SAK), Aleksi’s skills can be utilized e.g. in direct pricing and in incentive reward models.

Aleksi trusts in everyday life, where leadership is coaching, foundation work is high-quality and the right metrics have been created for operations. The grass is always greener where operating models and processes are standardized and where the company’s management and personnel are committed to following the principles of continuous improvement.