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WorkStudy360® Planning, implementing and moving

When a company is looking for growth through new premises or expanding existing ones, Ziirto’s Moving service is a sensible choice. This is a comprehensive package in which we make sure that everything runs smoothly and efficiently in terms of intralogistics.

Are you expanding an existing warehouse or production, or perhaps building a completely new one? We at Ziirto are a completely independent partner to produce the best possible solutions and plans for your specific needs.

Our expertise includes warehouse and production layout design with CAD software, material flow calculations, automation possibilities and analysis of resourcing needs.

What are our responsibilities:

  • Project management and communication
  • Current state analysis
  • Design of new facilities and processes
  • Mapping, tendering and selection of partners
  • Risk analysis
  • Alterations to new premises
  • Transfer plan for machinery, equipment and processes